Nashville Software School Data Science Cohort 2

Come see us demo on May 15!

The students of NSS Data Science Cohort 2 would like to thank the following people and organizations..

Our community and industry partners

It was a pleasure just to meet you and to learn how all of you use data science tools and techniques to solve your own business problems. That you also took the time to prepare questions, datasets, slides, and additional materials for our class to use to gain hands-on experience with real-world data questions is a privilege that's hard to quantify.

Thank you to:

  • Aliya Gifford
  • Will French
  • Amit Misra
  • Burkley Allen
  • Sean Braisted
  • Alexander Poon
  • Lindsey Morris
  • Judy Lewis
  • Rob Harrigan
  • Catherine Bass
  • David Allen
  • John Berryman
  • Josh Threet
  • Aaron Hogancamp
  • John Liu
  • Matt Lanius
  • Joe Porter
  • Peter Mancini
  • Jason Turan
  • Ken Graham
  • Jeremy Bakker
  • Sharon Chou
  • Nupur Sashti
  • Chris Morgan
  • Tim Dobbins
  • Jason King
  • Zach Gemignani
  • Jeremiah Lewis
  • Jason King
  • Mikil Taylor
  • Robert Gambrel
  • Ryan Carr
  • Tim Blass
  • Erica Zuhr
  • Gregory Bauman
  • Harmon Gage
  • Hannah Killian

The faculty and staff of Nashville Software School

Many institutions of higher learning can feel...institutional; as though an administrative barrier separates teachers and students. The staff at NSS gave us an amazing gift with personalized introductions to the thriving technology community alive in Nashville, the host of opportunities for career development and networking, and tools and advice to maximize our professional potential.

Thank you to:

  • Kristin McKinney
  • John Wark
  • Jeremiah Vasquez
  • Mandy Arola
  • Ashley Canino

Our instructors

It's difficult to express our appreciation for the hours of work both inside and outside the classroom that our instructors devoted to guiding us through our journey into the vast, complex world of data science. Your knowledge, experience, and technical expertise were invaluable. Your patience, humor, and understanding were a blessing. You challenged us to find answers for ourselves and pointed us in the right direction when we thought we were lost. We all came to this experience with differing levels of familiarity with data science and you met us with kindness and support no matter our background.

Thank you to:

  • Mary van Valkenburg
  • Sanjay Mishra
  • Taylor Perkins

We couldn't have done it without you!